It's gotta be a good one...

Today I woke up to sunshine and a baby who slept until 8 frickin' 30!  I'm taking this as a sign of things to come for 2013...


16.5 months

My sweet JW,

So obviously I haven't been keeping up with monthly updates like I did for the first 12 months, but I do make a daily note of funny, new things you're doing in my journal.  Here's what I want to remember about you lately:

You LOVE to be scared-we jump around the corner and say "Boo!" and you love it.  And when we scare you, you laugh so hard, just like your Poppy.  I keep trying to get it on video, but I'm always off with my timing.  You eat. ALL. DAY. LONG.  Seriously, you never stop.  And when we try to not feed you, you whine, whine, whine.  Usually you want your honey bunny grahams or craisins.  You've hated baths lately, but you like to play in and around the bathtub and shower.  You can pick up heavy things like pumpkins.  It's really funny to watch you carry them around.  You like to help us clean- you played with your vaccuum so much that you broke it, so now we're on the the Swiffer.  When you see exposed skin, you like to pinch and/or grab little arm/leg hairs.  You are a fantastic sleeper- you finally got past the "I like to wake up at 5 am" thing and now sleep until about 7.  Sometimes you take one nap and sometimes it's still two.  You say some words ('ba" for ball, book, boat; "ca" for car and cat; "mama," "dada," "mo" for more and milk; "wa wa" for water)- your main mode of communication is pointing, gesturing, whining, and saying "uuuhh" while looking in the direction of what you want.  We caught you saying butterfly ("baba-fie") on video.  It sure seems like you understand everything we say.  If we say, let's change your diaper- what do we need?" you grab a diaper, wipes, and the changing pad and bring it to us.  We basically thought you were a genius when you started doing this a while ago.  You like to stand at the top of the stairs and yell for Gramma in the morning.  You give the sweetest hugs and kisses and when you do, you make a little "aahhh" noise like you're so comfortable.  Sometimes you don't want to actually give us kisses (usually when you're in the middle of playing with something), so instead you lean in your head for us to kiss.  You're starting to climb- the couch, the chairs, your toys- all sorts of things you're not supposed to climb.  About a month ago, you became obsessed with your books.  You grab one you like, usually Brown Bear, Brown Bear or the Curious George one with the cut-out shapes, come over to one of us, sit your little butt in our lap, and open it up.  You love the picture of the lady in Good Night Gorilla when she discovers the gorilla in her bed.  This one:

You look at it over and over again and laugh and laugh.  You play the drums on almost everything- windows, doors, the floor, the toy drums.  You love the remote.  You watch "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" with Gramma and you do "Ugga Mugga."  It might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.  We just switched you into size 5 diapers because your cheeks were hanging out of the 4's.  You keep growing out of pants and shoes, and you generally wear around 24 month/2T clothing.  Some of it's a little big, but most of it fits.  You can identify some of your body parts- your tummy is your favorite; you like to lift up your shirt and show it to us, but you also know how to point to your eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, toes, hands, feet, and, um, your boy parts.  You discovered these not too long ago.  And let me tell you....the life-long fascination has officially begun.  If we didn't make you wear a diaper, we wouldn't need to give you toys, as you'd have plenty to keep you busy.  You get a devilish/"is it okay that I'm doing this" look on your face each time we're changing your diaper.  And speaking of, you're doing much, much better with diaper changes now.  I only have to hold you down about 20% of the time.  You still adore the pets and can be entertained for a good 8-10 minutes by simply chasing the cat.
I promise to write these more often, my sweet boy.  I love you to pieces!


I'm positive this was the first of so very many ways we will traumatize our child

Lynnie and I decided to have the boys get their first haircuts together.  I'd been putting it off, but after successfully pulling his locks into piggy tails, I knew I couldn't wait any longer. 

The day started off fun with lunch and a stroll around the mall to kill time before the appointments. 

They weren't able to accommodate our request for simultaneous cuts- apparently there's a shortage of hair stylists for babies.  Do you want to know why?  Because of kids like this:

The sucker- that I was reluctant to let him have- that she promised "worked for 90% of kids" and the Elmo movie were worthless.  The hair stylist behind us who was working on a perfectly behaved little angel girl's hair remarked, "Wow, he definitely wins the loudest lungs award."  Poor Susan the Stylist.

And poor, poor Ky who had to endure the horror of a haircut after first watching his BFF barely survive.

I hate the Lloyd Christmas look.  Bring on the clips and headbands-hippy baby will be back in a couple of months...

Halloween, a month late

Simba spent the early parts of Halloween watching a football practice with D:

...and most of the rest of the night in a book store in the mall- after escaping the throngs of kids and families on a mission for sugar- where he showed his best assets:

He did a little light reading on the presidential candidates; it was the week before the election, afterall.  Apparently the imcumbent's story was a bit dry:

Then he found something he liked...
...and was ready to take it home:
After 10 minutes of chasing him around like a crazed lunatic with my camera, he finally looked at me straight on and allowed me to snap a very blurry picture of his full ensemble:
Maybe next year we'll actually get some candy.

Mr. Peepers

This boy eats like his life depends on it.  Luckily he's not too picky about what we give him.  An apple will keep him occupied for a good 10 or 15 minutes, though not without a mess to clean up.  We don't even have to worry about cutting it up anymore- he eats it Mr. Peepers' style. 


...party in the back

We cannot hold out on a haircut any longer.  The boy is looking more like MacGruber by the day.  I'll keep the vest away for now. 

Last Saturday

I don't care how blurry this is...it's probably my favorite picture of him to date.